kevin lee saxon design

kevin lee saxon is a maker, photographer, and designer specializing in furniture. Seeking an output for his love of exploration and tinkering propelled kevin some 3100 miles away from his home of San Jose, California to retrieve a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, based out of Providence. Coming from a background in sculpture, he thought Architecture seemed like the pragmatic fit for his creative side. However, enduring a year of pragmatism only made his heart’s yearning to work with his hands that much clearer: the department of furniture design would bridge the gap of making and designing. The switch couldn’t have been better for him. It allowed kevin to learn crucial critical making skills in the wood and metal shops and dabble in digital fabrication (such as CNC routing, laser cutting, 3D printing), all while expanding his design capabilities and vocabulary. Classes abroad in Paris and Copenhagen have helped him contextualize western culture in a world becoming more and more industrialized and globalized. The next step as a world citizen will be taken eventually, but for now, kevin is happiest when he is in studio bringing objects to life that are full of history and narratives.

With his acquired skills and extensive knowledge in fabrication, problem-solving, and material properties, kevin has returned to the bay area to offer his abilities as a prototyper and designer to the technology, product, and furniture industries.